I got back from Interop 2005 in Las Vegas last night. This year the show moved from the LV Convention Center to the Mandalay Bay Hotel. The Mandalay is a much nicer venue. We experimented by not being on the show floor this year. This is a change from what we have traditionally done and it worked out really well.

We also took home a Network Computing Well Connected Award for BIG-IP V9! Way to go team!

Apparently Juniper thinks we're up to something good. With their Redline and Peribit acquisitions they declared that "Application Assurance" is what it is all about. It is interesting to see Juniper following in our footsteps from a messaging standpoint. We happen to call the space the Application Traffic Management market. Having others send the same basic message is a good thing for us. However, how Juniper appears to be going about things couldn't be more different from F5. Our approach is driven by years of experience in the enterprise market and I believe that gives F5 a huge advantage.

I believe that it's a big stretch for Juniper to reach the Enterprise. Juniper will continue to struggle with the Carrier versus Enterprise issue. Their booth is mobbed at carrier events but has extremely light traffic at enterprise events like Interop this past week. The J-Series router sales have not exactly set the world on fire and I believe Netscreen sales are below pre-Juniper acquisition levels. These acquisitions do not fix Junipers challenges of penetrating the enterprise and there will be significant execution risks to make good on the direction laid out.

While I welcome Juniper to the world of Application Traffic Management and have respect for what they've achieved in the carrier space, I think they have yet to discover what is important to the enterprise in this market.