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Is 2016 Half Empty or Half Full?

Updating passwords is a huge trend in 2016 With 2016 crossing the half way point, let's take a look at some technology trends thus far. Breaches: Well, many databases are half empty due to the continued rash of intrusions while the crooks... Read more
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httpoxy CGI Vulnerability ASM Mitigation

A major vulnerability in the CGI platform has been disclosed today, dubbed httpoxy. The vulnerability was actually discovered 15 years ago in libwww-perl, and was fixed at the time. However, various currently used libraries have been found to be... Read more
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The Open Source Enterprise

Part 1: Embracing open source projects while maintaining enterprise-grade standards for engineering and quality   This is part 1 in a series that shares the journey of F5 Networks towards becoming a member of the open source software... Read more
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Release Announcement: F5 OpenStack Product Suite

F5 OpenStack product suite available for use in OpenStack Mitaka Read more
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The Road to F5 Certification

Over the last 4 months, the DevCentral team has been preparing for the F5 Certification exam. We’ve met a number of times for group study and for each session, we reviewed a particular section of the Exam 101 - Application Delivery Fundamentals... Read more
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Check out F5 booth @ CiscoLive Las Vegas 2016!

F5 Networks look forwarding to meeting you @ CiscoLive Las Vegas 2016 Read more
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Real Cryptography Has Curves: Making The Case For ECC

Consider yourself a fascinating person if you have ever heard the term Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC). Consider yourself a cryptographic crackerjack if you actually know what it does and how it all works. If you are a mere mortal like the rest of us, you might not understand every single aspect of ECC. Read more
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LTM Policy – Matching Strategies

LTM Policy provides three matching strategies, first-match, all-match, and best-match. Choosing the proper matching strategy for your policies determines the behavior when rules match observed traffic, particularly when multiple rules match at the same time. Read more
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Orchestrate Your Infrastructure

The digital society has emerged. Today’s always-connected world and the applications we interact with are changing the way we live. People are mobile, our devices are mobile, and by all accounts, everything that is a noun – a person, place or... Read more
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OpenStack Heat Template Composition

Here we describe some basic usages of OpenStack's Heat Orchestration Template composition. Read more
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Warum es wichtig ist, Betriebssysteme Up to Date zu halten

Upgraden oder nicht upgraden – das ist die Frage. Jeder IT-Administrator weiß, dass ein Upgrade von Infrastruktur-Elementen keine triviale Angelegenheit ist. Die Aufgabe verschlingt Zeit, erfordert Planung, bedeutet Überstunden und... Read more
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Your Applications Deserve iApps

F5 iApps are user-customizable frameworks for deploying applications that enables you to ‘templatize’ sets of functionality on your F5 gear. You can automate the process of adding virtual servers or build a custom iApp to manage your iRules... Read more
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Partnerschaften für optimale Kundenlösungen

In unserer heutigen vernetzten und globalisierten Welt ist es wichtiger denn je, dass Zusammenspiel der IT-Infrastrukturkomponenten im Rechenzentrum zu optimieren. Dafür gibt es gute Gründe, senkt es sowohl die Anschaffungs- als auch die... Read more
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How I did It #3 - “Integrating Azure MFA with Office 365 Federation”

Isn’t it great when two great things go great together?  Well, it sure is if you’re talking O365 federation and Azure multi-factor authentication. Yeah, ok maybe a little over the top; but hey I’m a nerd.In a recent post I described how I... Read more
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Security Sidebar: Support Your Local Security Conference

I've never picked a lock in my life...until today. I had the chance to attend ShowMeCon, and one of the expo booths was a hands-on experience for lock-picking. The experience was really cool, and it reminded me of the great things you can learn when you support local security conferences. ShowMeCon is the premier hacking and security conference in the St Louis area. They had lots of great speakers and tons of great information to learn. Read more
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A Green Light for TLS

In today’s Internet, the only thing still more important than security is performance. Therefore, any new security control must also be optimized for performance. For CPU-intensive tasks like HTTPS encryption, there are many lesser-known features... Read more
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F5 OpenStack LBaaSv2 Release Announcement - v8.0.3

Release Announcement 10 June 2016   We are pleased to announce the release of the v8.0.3 F5 service provider driver and agent for OpenStack Neutron LBaaSv2.   Release Highlights This release introduces support for th... Read more
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F5 Heat Plugins Release Announcement - v7.0.3, v8.0.2

Release Announcement 10 June 2016 We are pleased to announce the release of v7.0.3 and v8.0.2 of the F5 Heat Plugins for OpenStack. Please see the documentation and GitHub release page for more information.   Compatibility v7.0.3 is... Read more
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How I did It #2 - “Assigning Multiple Public IPs to an Azure-hosted BIG-IP”

As I mentioned in the previous post, this series, (“How I Did It”), we’ll take a customer request/challenge and implement a solution.  So, here’s the request:  “Can I deploy multiple applications behind the same F5 BIG-IP, (or BIG-IP... Read more
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iHealth Upgrade Advisor: Making upgrades a little easier

Whether it is upgrading the firmware on a switch, the OS on a server, an important business application or the software on a BIG-IP, performing upgrades is something that makes almost all IT Admins and Network Engineers nervous. We’ve learned from... Read more
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How to create custom HTTP monitors with Postman, curl, and Python

The following is a guide on how to monitor your service/microservices using Postman, curl, and Python. BIG-IP enables you to monitor your applications health by creating monitors that emulate your end-user clients. When creating a monitor for API... Read more
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Zusammenfassung der F5 Agility 2016

Kürzlich fand unsere jährliche Konferenz „Agility 2016“ in Wien statt, auf der wir viele Kunden und Partner begrüßen durften. Für all diejenigen, die uns nicht in Wien treffen konnten, möchte ich gerne die Highlights... Read more
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Lightboard Lessons: Silverline Architecture

In this edition of Lightboard Lessons, I cover the architectural overview of F5’s Silverline managed security services proxy and routed modes.  The granular details of the scrubbing center architecture, as well as the overall DDoS and WAF... Read more
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The Top Ten Hardcore F5 Security Features in BIG-IP 12.1

David Holmes, otherwise known as F5 Marketing's version of Donald Trump, judges a pageant of beautiful security features in version 12.1. Read more
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