Congrats to our Enterprise Management Team for releasing v1.0 of F5's Enterprise Management Platform.

The team has been working long and hard to get this out the door and their effort really shows! We had a development technical overview of the product and I'm very excited about how this is going to help out our customers deploying large quantities of devices.

Here's a few bullets on EM:

Key Benefits:

  • Centralized software version management for up to 50 BIG-IP devices with the capability to upgrade a single device or multiple devices at once
  • Automatic backup of device configurations for easy roll-backs or setups
  • Centralized view of SSL certificates across all BIG-IP devices; receive email alerts when certificates need to be updated
  • Secure - all device interaction and data exchange uses iControl and is authenticated and encrypted for peace of mind

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In my opinion, EM is a great example of how iControl can be used to build value added services on top of our devices!

Great work team!