f5friday_thumb[2][5]I spend a lot of time talking about generic application delivery solutions that can be implemented using just about any commercial – and in most cases open source – application delivery platform. Sometimes I write about solutions that could be implemented with a variety of technologies but haven’t yet, for one reason or another. But rarely do I take the opportunity to get down and dirty with an F5 specific solution. Increasingly that’s a problem because some of the solutions F5 offers are unique; they either can’t be implemented using anyone else’s technology or they could, but it would be really, really painful. In the past I’ve tended to shy away from those subjects but because of that there are some really cool solutions that end up being overlooked. It’s often the case, after all, that a unique solution (like cookie persistence) eventually turns into a de facto standard that’s widely implemented.

So I’ve decided it’s time to take a day out of the week and focus on something unique or specific to F5. Hopefully this gives some insight into what F5 is doing (sometimes it’ll be something that’s coming up) or highlighting a partner solution (that’s one of the reasons we support an open-standards API, after all, easy integration). I’m hoping this is useful to folks in getting more familiar with F5 and its solutions and what we’re thinking and doing from time to time. 

I’ll be tagging these posts specifically “F5 Friday” so they’re easily accessible in the future, and including it in the title so if you aren’t interested, well, you can skip them.