Hi, my name is Joe Pruitt and I'm a software Architect at F5 Networks in Seattle. If you haven't heard of us, we produce Appliaction Traffic Management products that help optimize, secure, and ensure availability and scalability of applications deployed on your networks. You may ask what this has to do with .NET? In 2001 we launched a developer initiative with the iControl brand. Here's what our marketing says about iControl:

iControl sets a new standard for how applications can monitor, control, and automate network device functions to provide optimal management and operation efficiency in the datacenter. Not to be confused with SNMP or other limited-feature technologies, iControl has proven itself as the first and only Web services (SOAP/XML) API and SDK for network devices. Included as a key benefit of F5 traffic management products, iControl provides a powerful option for enabling applications to work more cohesively with the network for enhanced control, performance, and reliability.

In developer speak, we provide a set of web services on our devices that allow applications direct control to network traffic management. What makes us unique in our space is that we have a set of documented published interfaces with a thriving developer community and a support infrastructure that's goal is to support the application developer.

How iControl Works

Our SDK includes reference samples in perl, Java, C#, and VB. My goal with this weblog is to push out ideas on how we feel applications can become a proactive member of the network they live in.