We all knew it was inevitable. The iPhone was always bound for use by geeks and gadgeteers world-wide. That's no surprise. The iPhone continues to be used in new and interesting ways every day. The buzz has died down, but the geeks of the world haven't forgotten the craze and continue to find ways to use/promote/brag about this cool gadget.  That's not so surprising to me, either. I know a fair amount of iPhone users and, while I'm not one of them, I can certainly see the draw behind not only the standard iPhone features, but some of the nifty add-ons the users find to use with it.

Just when I thought I'd seen all of the tricks, gadgets and tips for iPhone living, here's a new one for you. This article over at lifehacker describes a whole new way for using an iPhone that I never would have thought of. And this one DID surprise me. Check it out for yourself! 

Club Cards ala iPhone, anyone? You know that stack of forty-eight cards you carry in your wallet? No, not the credit cards or the security cards to get into the Data Center, I'm talking about the club cards. You know, the cards you use at the grocery store, the book store, the gas station, and just about every other dang place it seems, these days?  Well here's a solution to leaving them all at home, without losing the functionality.

I fully admit to having griped over the need to carry too many of these cards more than once. Sure, I could leave the card at home if I felt like reciting my phone number six times a day to strangers, in front of an audience. And yes, there are a few select places that will even keep these cards on file for you at the location you normally go to, but then what if you go somewhere else, and what about the vast majority that don't offer this service? How do I avoid the bulk and annoyance of a stack of these cards in my wallet without losing any of the functionality? Well, apparently, via the iPhone.

By scanning in the cards, and creating a photo album of them, a tricky user is able to easily tote his bagillion cards around in one sleek device that is likely carried anyway. And get this, the cards still scan as if they were physically present. Now there's something that not even iRules can do! Read about it over at lifehacker and get a chuckle, or inspiration, who knows.