After much delay, we've announced the official winners of the DevCentral iRule. Do you? contest.

While wrapping up the winner showcase, I have to say that I continue to be amazed at what the DevCentral community of users comes up with. Whether general, highly useful rules that address painful problems many IT pros face or exceptionally specialized iRules that deal with a certain type of application, this round of submissions has taken iRules to an entirely new level.

For all participants, thank you for your contributions. You should be proud of the ideas you've demonstrated as you change the way your network infrastructure works more intelligently to support a wide array of applications. And, in some cases, it sounds like you're able to rest easier and work more efficiently now that you've dispensed with some mundane, painful routine tasks!

So, don't wait - check out the winners and see how the winners "Rule" their worlds.

P.S. Participants and winners... you're prizes are on their way.