I've gotten to peek at some of the entries submitted for our 2006 iRule, Do You? Contest and all I can say is that some of the entries display quite a high level of iRule Fu*.

But if you're like me and your fu is not as strong as you'd like, you might need some advice on honing your ninja skills. Go ahead and Ask a Ninja.  Ask him anything - even a technical question. Really, he wears black, developers like black. That means he's technical and developers are ninjas, right? If this stunning display of (il)logic doesn't convince you that he's got the 1337 skillz necessary, check out his answer to "what is podcasting" and discover his insightful ninja-view of high tech.

Whales and apple pies. Makes perfect sense to me!

*The addition of the suffix "fu" is an outgrowing of the usage of "ninja" to mean "someone who is hyper-competent". Like Google Fu. 

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