plush_ninja You could "Ask a Ninja", you could play "3 Foot Ninja", you could eat at NINJA in New York, you could have a Ninja write something for you, you could go to a Ninja training camp, You could train to become an "Urban Ninja", or even a Ninja Warrior

But, I guarantee that not one of these wonderful services will rank you the honor of iRule Ninja!  If the world of dangerous and high-risk clandestine missions sounds exciting to you, but you just can't justify walking away from everything else in your life, enter training for years and years and years, only to end up in a black hood (officially called sanjaku-tenugui by the way), never fear.  We've got an equally exciting training course for you that will bring you into the elite group with the title of iRule Ninjas

Learn to regexp like a pro.  Learn how to prioritize your caches.  Learn how to scrub your responses.  Learn how to squash those spambots.  Learn that and much much more in the new iRules 101 course (iRules Security 101) that I've started over in the Docs section of DevCentral.  We're starting nice and easy at the 100 level and over time as those are ready to move on, we'll bump the intensity in your ultimate goal of iRule Ninja.

Think of your resume - BS in this, MS in that, MBA, Phd, blah blah blah... Just think how impressive your resume would look with Ninja in your list of official accreditations!

So, if you think you are up to it, stop by the iRules Tech Tips on DevCentral and be all that you can be!