It's no surprise to any of you that aren't just tuning in that I'm a bit of an iRules guy.  I love the stuff, and I work with them pretty often.  As such most of the articles that I write here have to do in some way with iRules, TCL, etc. So as I'm working on building out my list of articles to write in the next few months, I'm wracking my brain to come up with cool iRule ideas to share with the community, parts of the iRule language that haven't been delved into deeply enough yet that I can explain, etc.

It did occur to me, however that I'm only one person with a particularly unique perspective on this stuff. What I'd really love is to get your insight and feedback.

What would help you? What do you think would be interesting? What have you been trying to figure out and could use some help with? What's always been a *$!#@%& mystery and needs some in-depth discovery? What kind of cool examples do you want to see?

These are exactly the things I want to research, toy with and then write about for the community.  I've sent out a similar request to some of the awesome iRuler types here inside F5, and they've given me some great examples, but I want to extend this question out to you as well since after all, it's you I want to write these things for. Why shouldn't you be the ones telling me what you need to hear about?

Okay, so here's your challenge:

Drop me a line and let me know what you want to see show up as a doc on DevCentral.  That's it! Easy!

I'll do the leg-work to research things, put together the details and get a document out that hopefully helps you and others in the same boat. I don't care whether it's in a comment, via email, whatever, but take 5 minutes, jot down some things that would be helpful to you, and let me know. The chances are you'll be helping a bunch of your fellow community members too, and that's just awesome.

There you go, you have your mission. What are you doing still reading here? You should be brainstorming and writing to me by now. Hop to! ;)  Thanks a ton in advance, and I'm excited to see what you'll say, so I hope to hear from you soon!