Well, I wanted to work some more on my iRules-fu, and I wanted to contribute to the community, so I took a break from the iC2I series this week to develop a simple iRules redirection generator.

If you're like me, you're primarily a developer and iRules are not something you specialize in. I don't mind using iRules to achieve tasks, but those tasks are generally to support my app dev efforts. That's what the iRule Redirection Generator is for. Taking the three most popular redirections and making a simple interface to have them generated for you.

There's nothing crazy difficult about the program (which is available as a C# project), it's mostly just a learning tool to help you understand how to write redirections in iRules. There's a tiny bit of iControl (two calls to get a pool list) in the source, but the point really was about making it easier to do iRules - because I'm lazy. This sample should provide a framework by which other iRules simplifications can be designed. Indeed, the application is written as a tabbed control so that we (that includes you!) can plug in more tool bits as time goes on.

So drop by the DevCentral Labs and check out the iRule Redirection Generator. There's a Tech Tip about it, but thanks to an excellent suggestion by Jeff, the Tech Tip is actually included in the "Usage" tab of the application in its entirety.



/Reading: D&D 4.0 Core rulebooks, picked them up at midnight last night.

/imbibing: Water and RedBull - did I mention I was out and about at midnight last night?