The idea of using SOA, ( Service-Oriented Architecture ) is not a new one. This is something that's been kicked around off and on for a while now. It appears, though, that this ideology is really taking hold in the application development community as is evidenced by surveys such as this.

Hallelujah, I say.  I'm glad to see people are beginning to more strongly embrace this practice, and champion its merits.  I know there are plenty of people on both sides of this fence, and some might argue that it's not the best idea for one reason or another, but personally, I find the idea quite appealing. 

The idea of intelligent networks communicating with the applications that they support to provide useful information about what's happening, how to improve performance and avoid errors all in real time, without user interaction (post coding the logic) is quite a wonderful fantasy land indeed.  It seems as though we're getting closer and closer to this being an actual reality.  With more application developer incorporating the SOA principles into their design, and technologies like iControl (F5's open management API) becoming more prevalent, we continue to edge closer to such a reality.

Next to get my kitchen programmed to have a hot, healthy breakfast ready for me when I wake up and clean up afterwards, too.  Ok, so that one may be a few years off, but I bet it'll use an API.  ;)



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