If it is, you might want to reconsider how you’re handling security, acceleration, and delivery of your applications before users “go postal” because of poor application performance.


Sometimes wisdom comes from the most unexpected places. Take Jason Rahm’s status update on Facebook over the holidays. He’s got what is likely a common complaint regarding the delivery model of the US postal service: the inefficiency of where postage due is determined. Everyone has certainly had the experience of sending out a letter (you know, those paper things) and having it returned a week or more later with a big stamp across it stating: Returned – Postage Due.

As Jason points out, the US postal service doesn’t determine whether postage may be due or not until the package arrives at its destination. If the addressee isn’t willing/able to pay that postage due, the package is of course returned via the delivery service, which incurs round-trip costs of transportation and handling at every point along the way.

If this sounds anything like your application infrastructure architecture, then you might want to reconsider how you’re handling the delivery of applications and where you’re applying policies that may affect the delivery process.