This week was F5's International Sales Conference here in Seattle at the Westin Hotel in the heart of downtown. I'm going on my 7th year with F5 and this was my first one since 1998 when I presented on our first generation of management products. Boy have times changed! In the 1998 meeting (our 2nd one) we had roughly 30 or 40 people and that included the presenters and event staff. Let just say that this year we had a tad more people than that. This is also our first sales conference with our newly formed Security Business group which includes FirePass and TrafficShield. We've really got some impressive features in these products and I'd highly recommend anyone interested in Secure Access or protecting critical Web applications from attacks such as Google hacking, cross-site scripting, and parameter tampering, I'd suggest you take a look at our offerings.

Living in Product Development, you don't always get a good view into the momentum of the sales force. I'd recommend anyone in Development who has a chance to join in on one of these, I'd highly recommend it.

In addition to attending the "sales" presentation, I had the opportunity to present at a newly formed "Technical Track". I had an hour to talk technical stuff with our sales engineers. Hopefully the content was appropriate for their expectations.