Another F5 International Sales Conference has come to a close.  We spent the second half of last week up in Vancouver, BC at the Westin Bayshore.  The DevCentral crew was hosting a booth and talking about all things iControl and iRules.  What a blast it was seeing everyone (and meeting a slew of new folks).

The surprise for this event was that at the closing party on Friday night (at the Commodore Ballroom - House of Blues) we had Spike and the Impalers lined up to play the party.

The even bigger surprise for the event was that a few of us had formed a band, aptly named "The Encrypted Packets", to open for Spike.  This was only known to a choice few before the event (although a couple of fellow employees seemed to get a clue when they saw us hauling around our guitars and amps at the hotel).

Jeff, Colin, Dave and I, did a 4-song set including "BIGPipe",  "I Gotta Write Some Code", "iRule Idiot", and "Are You Gonna Be My Girl".  The first three were parodies with an F5 twist.  Bonus points to those who can name the originals.  Nothing like playing at such a venue for first ever concert - what a rush!  At first I was a bit intimidated by the wall of Marshall stacks used by the Impalers, but I quickly overcame that.  We had a full stage and sound crew and it was so surreal when ran the first verse of BIGPipe in the sound check.  We even had our own Green Room back stage (although it was tiny in comparison to The Impalers room) stock full of blue M&Ms as our contract demanded.

Spike and the gang were very very nice to us. A couple of the guys just arrived back from playing Royal Albert Hall in England with Paul Rogers.  I figured pros would have big egos, but these guys were very down to earth and we chatted quite a bit back stage after the sound check.  Bob Rivers also talked us up on his radio show Monday morning.

If you are ever in need for an awesome cover band, I'd highly suggest you consider them for your event.  Or... If you can't quite budget their expenses, I know a great Networking Parody Band that is looking for work B-).

Now back to reality...