I saw an article today listing the top 10 web outages to date for 2008.  It's interesting to look through the descriptions of the events and see how many of the same mistakes from the "web 1.0" world are being repeated.  Create service, service becomes popular, service gets crushed.  As people build out more islands of functionality that plug in to a web 2.0 world, they need to ensure that their island can withstand what the word will throw at it.  This is especially important when creating a service or application that plugs into a raging torrent of traffic associated with popular social media sites such as Facebook.  Business related sites like Salesforce.com's AppExchange might not see as much traffic, but users will be even less tolerant of delays, outages or security issues. 


As standards make the costs of switching between web 2.0 applications for users and business ever lower, the need to make your island the best option out there by being fast, secure and reliable is more important than ever.