"Tech Workers in Higher Demand"

The wonder that is Slashdot brings yet another interesting article, as they tend to do on a regular basis. On a stroll through their current articles I happened upon an uplifting blurb about the state of the IT job market, and how things are improving. Lies you say? Simply smoke and mirrors? CNN certainly doesn't think so

A great sigh of relief was heard from techies the world over as the news spread. It's refreshing to see in ink, even if it is virtual ink, that which many of us have thought for a while now. The market is indeed improving. No one's saying that people didn't lose their jobs last year, or that your boss is suddenly going to hand over the keys to a modena out of the blue. It is comforting to know, though, that things aren't quite as perilous out there as they were even such a short time ago.

So for any of my Tech brothers and sisters out there who are suffering jobs that they don't enjoy in hopes of a market upturn that will provide them with the breathing room needed to find a position that suits their sensibilities, the time may neigh be upon you.

Code hard,