One thing I've struggled with in my life is convincing bright individuals - not to pigeonhole, but generally it seems to be bright young men - that brains are not enough. Many of the Scouts when I was a Scoutmaster felt that just because they were of above average intelligence, the world was theirs. It was passingly difficult to convince them that consistency and hard work are at least as important as brains. A can-do attitude and a willingness to do what needs doing day in and day out are the hallmarks of successful individuals. Edison didn't assume there was no solution just because he failed the first time, after all.

The same is true of most technology spaces. The measure of how useful a flashlight is is not how bright the light glows, but rather whether it can be expected to glow tomorrow and the next day and the next. The newest, brightest geegaw will soon get folded into leading products in a space, but the company that came along and introduced the geegaw may not be there in a year, and even if they are, quite often getting them to support you is painful at best.

The question boils down to one of dedication when you think about it. We (the extended DevCentral Team) are here for you daily. We do our bit for consistency, as does the rest of F5. The fact that more than 25,000 of you have joined the community and several of you are at least as prolific as we are in the forums says you get that. But "drive by" readers might not, indeed probably do not. So this post is for them.

How did I come to write this post? I've been out sick with a sinus infection, and while today is only a partially productive day, I was pondering the loss of consistency caused by my illness, and this is where it went.

We'll be here tomorrow and next year, helping you solve your problems, helping you get the most from your F5 gear. Pop on over to any competitors' website and see if you find the same. We'll wait, it won't take you long to find the answer... Meanwhile we'll be here, figuring out new ways to make your life easier.

Now, back to bed. But I'll be back at it tomorrow, or even tonight. Willingness to do what needs doing and all.


/imbibing: Water and NyQuil (which might explain this post if you found it odd)

/(re)reading One of the ACW books from Brassey's History of Uniforms series.