With the team's new push to make content for the community our first priority, it's turned into a veritable content storm around here! There are all kinds of new tech tips, videos, podcasts and more being posted every day. Just last week there was a new which marks the start of a new 101 series on DC) and a ton of new CodeShare additions as Deb pointed out. Hopefully you guys are enjoying all the new content. Make sure to let us know if you've got feedback on it, one way or the other.

With all of that getting pumped out, there's still plenty going on behind the scenes here at DC HQ. As I hope you've heard by now we all got to chat with Nigel from our Acopia team about the new product line, what it can do, etc. There were some very cool questions asked and promise of a more in-depth look later on to get even more into the nitty-gritty tech of the technology. I personally think this was one of our better podcasts to date, and I'm looking forward to having guests to talk to on future casts as well.

Deb and I also got a chance to meet with one of the pervasive DC users a couple weeks ago. This was an absolutely fantastic opportunity to talk with an active DC member, chat about our technologies - where they're at, what can be done to improve them, cool things you can do with them, etc. - and to just generally geek out with another techie that "gets it". ;) Out of this conversation came a whole list of things we can do to continue offering more to the community. From modifications to current features to categorization ideas for content to new tools and features entirely, a lot was covered and I'm pretty excited about being able to deliver some of this stuff to you, the community.

Add to that my continued (yeah, I've been working on it, but MAN there's lots of new stuff coming out) efforts to help clean up unanswered forum posts (with tons of help from the team, thank goodness) and I've found it's easy to find yourself sprinting to keep up. But remember, "It's not a sprint, it's a marathon". We're all adjusting to the new pace, and personally - I love it. Look forward to lots more good stuff coming your way.

The coming months should be pretty fun times here at DevCentral. Between the awesome efforts of everyone on the team to continue putting out new, cool, helpful content and the possibilities for continuing to improve the features and tools the community has at its fingertips, it should be a good time to be an F5 geek.