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So you thought I was finished with the Japanese Marketing, F5 Style huh?  Well then you'd be wrong!  Today I've got another marketing sheet focused on F5's SSL-VPN FirePass.   As I mentioned in the last two posts, I don't speak Japanese so my only way of telling what the message with these sheets are is by looking at the pictures.  So, I'll go ahead and give my observations and see how close I am to the true message of the material.

  1. Unlike yesterday's post on TMOS, the guy in the middle does NOT look very happy.
  2. There is a BIG Problem lurking behind the three gentlemen.
  3. The unhappy guy, unlike yesterday's guy, does seem to have his name AND picture on his badge so he's most likely an employee that's been around for a while.  Maybe that's why he's unhappy.
  4. The sad guy is dripping some serious sweat likely due too much Pocari Sweat that morning - or it could be from the bubbles coming out of his head.
  5. The sad guy is standing next to two guys in suits and he's in a more casual turtle-neck so he could be getting yelled at for not dressing up for work that day.  I know I got some comments (but not yelled at) when I showed up in shorts and a T-Shirt before the partner conference while I was in Tokyo. 
  6. The guys on the right and left seem to be angry at each other.  The one on the right (glasses guy) looks seriously ticked off while the guy on the left (long hair guy) looks like he's sporting an attitude of not caring what the other one is saying.  It could be that sad guy is a mediator in their feud over who is the better Sumo wrestler: Kotooshu or Asashoryu.  In fact, these two look just like Jeff and I did at the Sumo match in May.
  7. On the back of the sheet, glasses guy now thinks he's The Fonz, long hair guy has a rubber-band hand gun, and turtleneck guy is playing rock-paper-scissors with himself.
  8. So, obviously FirePass helps with office attire policies, removing bubbles from your head, Sumo wagering disputes, reliving 70's sitcoms, preparing to be a wild-west cowboy, training you for the RPS Championships.

Bet you didn't know FirePass could do all these things for you did you?  The folks in Japan sure do!  So, don't walk, but run over to F5.com and order yourself up your very own FirePass and you can be as happy as these three guys!