Continuing on from yesterdays post on Japanese Marketing with iRules, today I've got a new one for you.  Today's Japanese Marketing sheet is brought to you by TMOS.  As I did with the iRules version from yesterday, I'll pass along my interpretation of what's going on with the guy above.

  1. This guy looks very very happy!
  2. The BIG-IP he's looking at seems to be on a shelf and not racked up in a data center so I assume he's looking at the local network appliance store in Akihabara.  This was news to me as I wasn't aware we were selling in the retail channel.  I wonder if he's paying with cash?  Hello sir, that will be 5,000,000 yen please...
  3. The BIG-IP seems to be a 8800 so this guy is expecting some heavy traffic on his network.
  4. He has a name badge with a picture but no name so I'm surprised they gave him the corporate credit card on his first day on the job.
  5. He is happily liberated from the pocket protector for the pen in his pocket.
  6. He is missing his bottom half.  How's he going to get his wallet to pay for the 8800?

So, if you want to be as fulfilled with your job as this guy is, head on down to your local network appliance store and pick up your very own 8800.  Oh, and tell them Joe sent you - I want my commission B-).\

Stay tuned for tomorrows marketing coverage of FirePass.