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Q/A with SpringCM's Joel Newton - DevCentral's Featured Member for August

Joel Newton is a Senior DevOps System Engineer at SpringCM, a current DevCentral MVP and DevCentral’s Featured Member for August! SpringCM believes in leveraging technology to deliver immediate savings by automating and accelerating business... Read more
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June is Programmability Month!

We’ve expanded over the years to include systems, configuration, advanced modules, security, etc, but programmability has historically been the bread and butter of what we do. Given the success we had with February’s security month, this... Read more
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Getting Started with iControl: Working with the System

So far throughout this Getting Started with iControl series, we’ve worked our way through history, libraries, configuration object, and statistics. In this final article in the series, we’ll tackle a few system functions, namely system ntp and dns... Read more
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Getting Started with iControl: Working with Statistics

In the previous article in the Getting Started with iControl series, we threw the lion's share of languages at you for both iControl portals, exposing you to many of the possible attack angles available for programmatically interacting with... Read more
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Getting Started with iControl: Working with Configuration Objects

In the previous articles in this series, we covered the history of iControl, taxonomy, and introduced the languages most common to our community. In this article, we'll start looking at some code samples. With each task we cover, we'll show an example for a few languages for both the soap and rest interface. BLAH BLAH iControl SOAP Java Perl Powershell Python iControl REST Node.js Perl Powershell Python Instantiating... Read more
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Lightboard Lesson: iControl Architecture

Jason Rahm discusses architecture for iControl & iControl REST as part of programmability month on DevCentral! For more details on the history and foundational aspects of iControl, check out the Getting Started with iControl series currently... Read more
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Getting Started with iControl: Interface Taxonomy & Language Libraries

In part two of this article in the Getting Started with iControl series, we will cover the taxonomy for both the soap and rest iControl interfaces as well as introducing the language libraries we unofficially support on DevCentral. Taxonomy Since... Read more
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Control It All with iControl

The concept of Application programming interfaces (APIs) has been around for a while. According to CSC Distinguished Engineer & Chief Product Architect (and bass player) Martin Bartlett, 'The concept of an API pre-dates even the advent... Read more
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iControl Roundtable: State of the State

This iControl roundtable discussion covers the state of F5's iControl interfaces by some of F5's brightest. And me. Join Jason, Eric, and Joe as they talk about what iControl is, how the SOAP and REST interfaces differ, insights into the... Read more
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Getting Started with iControl: History

To embark on iControl week in DevCentral's Programmability Month, I figured I'd take a little time to talk about iControl's past, present, and future to give you a glimpse at how we got to where we are and what you can expect in the... Read more
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Infrastructure as Code: Using Git to deploy F5 iRules Automagically

Many approaches within DevOps take the view that infrastructure must be treated like code to realize true continuous deployment. The TL;DR on the concept is simply this: infrastructure configuration and related code (like that created to use data... Read more
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Kicking Off Programmability Month: It's Contest Time!

Well hello there, community! Starting June 1st, we’re going to follow February’s successful Security Month with a month-long effort focused on programmability. The daily content schedule will drop June 1st, but you can look forward... Read more
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Agility Day One – A Snapshot

We’ve had a fantastic first day at Agility EMEA in Vienna – thanks to everyone who was able to join us! For anyone who missed out, here’s a snapshot of what took place! First off, we announced this morning the findings from our EMEA survey into... Read more
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iWorkflow: 'Hello World! \r\n'

Announcing F5® iWorkflow™ F5's Programmability & Orchestration team is pleased to announce the release of iWorkflow™ 2.0. Today, May 17th, marks the beginning of your application delivery “doing-more-in-less-time”... Read more
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F5 in OpenStack 101: An Introduction

Introduction to F5's OpenStack initiatives Read more
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A Catch from the Codeshare: Python iRule Deployments

On the side of the road in northern Missouri just north of Mark Twain’s stomping grounds, there is a slice of hillside removed just to the side of the highway. In Arkansas, there’s a nondescript field tucked away in a state park. Short of word of... Read more
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Scaling Containers

Containers are rapidly rushing to the fore. They’re the darling du jour of DevOps and it’s a rare conversation on microservices that doesn’t invoke it’s BFF, containers. SDx Central’s recent report on containers found only 17% of respondents that... Read more
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F5 Friday: Python SDK for BIG-IP

We know programmability is important. Whether we’re talking about networking and SDN, or DevOps and APIs and templates, the most impactful technologies and trends today are those involving programmability. F5 is, as you’re no doubt aware, n... Read more
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Existing Ansible BIG-IP modules

Right around the time that I started at F5, I was at the pinnacle of my exposure to Ansible. So imagine my surprise when I saw BIG-IP modules in the Ansible core product! I immediately wanted to know which one of my colleagues I could go talk... Read more
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Getting started with Ansible

Ansible is an orchestration and automation engine. It provides a means for you to automate the administration of different devices, from Linux to Windows and different special purpose appliances inbetween. Ansible falls into the world of DevOps... Read more
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All I want for Christmas is a hybrid cloud

**********   Dear Santa,   I hope you and the reindeers are as excited as I am about Christmas! Make sure you get plenty of rest between now and then, so you can deliver all those lovely presents all over the world on... Read more
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F5 Friday: DevOps Tools and F5

I spent a lot of time waxing theoretical about how you can do this and that and the other thing (yes, THAT thing) using one of the many faces of F5 programmability. There’s our SOAP and REST API – iControl – and our smart templates, iApps, and o... Read more
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AWS re:Invent 2015 – Programmability in the Cloud (feat Applebaum)

Programmability and orchestration are critically important with cloud deployments and Alex Applebaum, Sr. Product Management Engineer, explains why and talks about ways organizations can use BIG-IP programmability in the cloud. Yet anothe... Read more
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Operational expense has an enemy: orchestration!

Orchestration is key to achieving reduced time-to-value. What is this "time to value"? In technology speak, its the measurement of time for a system or resource to be made available to its intended audience. This system might generate... Read more
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DevOps 101 - Automation

In my last few articles, I've begun the discussion on the 6 pillars of DevOps and have covered Management, Integration, Communication, and Collaboration: Management  Integration DevOps 101 – Integration  Communication and... Read more
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