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What Ops Needs to Know about APIs and Compression

I’ve been reading up on APIs cause, coolness. And in particular I really enjoyed reading Best Practices for Designing a Pragmatic RESTful API because it had a lot of really good information and advice. And then I got to the part about compressing... Read more
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SSL Orchestration: Making outbound SSL inspection faster and more resilient

David Holmes clarifies how the SSL Orchestrator makes outbound SSL faster and more resilient Read more
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Leaked ShadowBrokers Tools Do Not Target F5 Networks

As has been reported, a previously unknown "ShadowBrokers" actor mysteriously released a portion of hacking tools claimed to be related to a state sponsored "Equation Group" Read more
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Lightboard Lessons: BIG-IP User Roles

The BIG-IP is a complicated system, and you probably don't want to give every single user the rights to every single part of the system.  That's where user roles come in.  The BIG-IP is loaded with lots of different types of user... Read more
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Kerberos is Easy - Part 2

Yes my friends, this post has been long overdue. Life, work and all the other good excuses got in the way. However, there is nothing like a friend calling you out with a “WTF I need part 2” to get the motivation and kerberos mana flowing again. So... Read more
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Vagrantfiles for BIG-IP

What do I need to bring up a BIG-IP in Vagrant? We'll discuss that here and point you to some existing code that makes this process much easier. As a development or testing platform, this method is top-notch! Read more
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The Intruders of Things

Gartner predicts that by 2020, IoT security will make up 20 percent of annual security budgets. 2020 seems to be an important milestone for the Internet of Things. That’s the year that Cisco says there will be 50 billion connected devices and... Read more
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SSL Profiles Part 11: TLS Optimization

It’s been a while since we featured the SSL Profile, but some cool new features have emerged and everyone on DevCentral needs to know about them!  In this article, we will look at several options that are now available for optimizing TLS... Read more
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F5 in AWS Part 5 - Cloud-init, Single-NIC, and Auto Scale Out of BIG-IP in v12

The following articles covers new features in the 12.1 AWS Marketplace release (Cloud-init, Single-Nic and Auto Scale) Read more
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Lightboard Lessons: Automating SSL on BIG-IP with Let's Encrypt!

In this episode of Lightboard Lessons, I describe the Let's Encrypt automated certificate generation process and how to customize a hook script to automate the challenges and and certificate deployment. What is Let's Encrypt? Let’s... Read more
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I'm Sorry Sir, You're Obsolete

Is the rate of obsolescence proportionate to the rate of technology advances? A few years ago, those little iHome alarm clocks started to appear in hotel rooms. Cool gadgets that you could mount your mobile phone to battery charge or play the... Read more
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Using packer.io to build your own BIG-IP Vagrant boxes

Briefly showcase the tooling that has been developed to allow for building BIG-IP Vagrant box images Read more
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Demystifying iControl REST Part 7 - Understanding Transactions

iControl REST. It’s iControl SOAP’s baby, brother, introduced back in TMOS version 11.4 as an early access feature but released fully in version 11.5. Several articles on basic usage have been written about the rest interface so the intent here... Read more
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iWorkflow 201 (episode #03) - Calling REST from scripting languages (Javascript and Python)

NOTE: there’s a video at the end if you don’t want to read this! Thus far, we’ve had a lot of focus on POSTMAN collections. For those who haven’t been following the series, POSTMAN is a great REST client that we’ve been using to demonstrate the F5... Read more
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Introducing TCP Analytics

More powerful TCP Optimization statistics. Read more
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BlackHat 2016 F5 Cipher Challenge

F5's BlackHat 2016 cipher challenge had several connecting puzzles. We hope you had fun with it! In this article we explain the puzzles and our design approach. Read more
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The Open Source Enterprise, part 2

Part 2: Meeting and managing customer support expectations on open-source projects   This is part 2 in a series that shares the journey of F5 Networks towards becoming a member of the open source software community.   What to... Read more
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Where you Rate-Limit APIs Matters

Seriously, let’s talk about this because architecture is a pretty important piece of the scalability puzzle.   Rate limiting is not a new concept. We used to call it “quality of service” to make it sound nicer, but the reality is that when... Read more
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ImageTragick - The Tragick continues

CVE- 2016-5118 a new remote command execution vulnerability in ImageMagick based software is detected in ASM as a 0-day Read more
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Programmable Infrastructure at F5's Agility conference

Last week (August 1st - 4th) took us to Chicago for F5's annual customer and partner conference, F5 Agility. This year saw a significant increase in coverage of programmability and orchestration (P&O) than in previous years. This was... Read more
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Release Announcement: F5 OpenStack LBaaSv2

Release announcement for F5 OpenStack LBaaSv2 Read more
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iWorkflow 201 (episode #02) - Deploying a services template via the iControl REST API

In iWorkflow 101 (episode #03) - Deploying a services template via the Tenant GUI we deployed an L4 - L7 Service onto a BIG-IP device via the iWorkflow Tenant web interface. In that episode we logged into the iWorkflow platform as an Administrator... Read more
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APM Cookbook: AutoLaunch SAML Resources

Introduction After the SAML labs at Agility I got a lot of questions about how to automatically launch SAML resources and skip the webtop, and I promised I'd write it up for you. If you haven't been to Agility, check it out next year,... Read more
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Lightboard Lessons: BIG-IP Pool Priority

We received a Facebook question on Sunday asking about BIG-IP Pool Priority. The scenario is this: you have a pool with 9 pool members and three priority groups defined (three pool members per priority group) and minimum active members set to 2 Read more
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I Am an Application Delivery Fundamentalist!

Fun and a little mental. If you’ve been following along the DevCentral team’s journey toward F5 Certification, then you may be aware that we were in Chicago last week for F5’s Agility 2016 conference and took our 101 Application Delivery... Read more
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