Interesting post about Juniper from Om Malik this morning.

Also, Radware reported their Q4 earnings early today.  During the call one analyst asked them about an issue highlighted in this entry. Their answer was that this go around they are replacing strength instead of weakness.  Time will tell. 

They were also asked about our announcement of the BIG-IP 8400.  Their response was essentially that introducing 10Gb connectivity was no big deal,  had it for a while and that what matters is having performance and security in the same device is most important in the carrier space.  Based on what we've seen in testing their Application Switch 3 (which is the product that introduced a 10Gb interface for them)  I totally agree that just having the right speed interface addresses only a portion of the problem.  Having a 10Gb pipe and only being able to use a small portion of it is not what customers want.  Their AppSwitch 4 made its way to market last quarter but they only expect meaningful revenue to begin over the next 6 months.

BIG-IP 8400: Interface(s)? Check. Performance? Check.  Security? Check.  Our partners in Japan have been positive on this new platform.  This is good because they tend to scrutinize things more than any other region worldwide.

The next batch of L4-7 market share numbers will be interesting to see.  They should be available in a few weeks.