Hot off the presses! Ken here at F5 has put together a podcast on IPv6 titled "IPv6 - Bridging the Gap to Tomorrow" and we've just had it posted on

Here's a summary:

Increasingly, especially in international and governmental markets, organizations of all kinds are finally feeling the pressure to migrate from the well known and universal IPv4 standard towards the IPv6 standard. IPv6 has been around for over a decade but has seen slow adoption until now. PodTech’s Michael Johnson speaks with Ken Salchow, F5 Networks’ Technical Marketing Manager about F5’s solutions for IPv6 and IPv6 migration. F5 is the global leader in Application Delivery Networking and provides appliances that bridge the gap between traditional packet switching networks and the applications that run on them. F5 makes sure that these applications run secure, fast, and offer optimal network availability. IPv6 is considered the next generation of TCP/IP, offering a quantum leap in the number of available IP addresses. The world runs better with F5.

Check it out and be on the lookout for more podcasts at PodTech in the near future...


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