I spent the past couple of days in Wellington, New Zealand visiting with customers and partners.

Wellington is a nice town. It reminds me of a mixture of Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia.

One of the more popular topics of conversation is the success of Peter Jackson - the man behind Lord of The Rings and the New Zealand based production companies such as WETA that helped make it all possible. (In case you're wondering, a Weta is a kind of bug. Fortunately, I had no Weta sightings.) Their latest effort has been working on the upcoming King Kong remake slated for release in Dec 2005. Here's an interesting link to the production diary for the King Kong effort.

The Australian cricket team was staying at the same hotel as me. In what I understand is typical New Zealand style, everyone let them do their thing in peace despite their immense popularity. Apparently this isn't the case when they go to places like India where they get totally mobbed.

Next up - a few days in Bangkok.