GuitarCenter was having their yearly labor day sale yesterday so armed with their printable pass to get early admission, I headed out to the Kirkland, WA location for the 8:00am early opening.

I'm very happy with my current setup but I've had my eye out for a tele for a while now to round out my lineup.

I bought a Japanese Strat back in the 80's and while it has served me well, I've always wished I'd have went a little higher on the quality.  I sat down and played a few telecasters from the cheap mexican models to the higher end Americans.  For the novice player, the differences are subtle but definitely there.

Once I held the American Deluxe I was hooked.  It has awesome action, a great balance, and a killer sound.  Not sure about the S-1 switching system but we'll see if that makes a difference with my vintage twin reverb B-).

To top off the sale, they were throwing in a hardshell case, and a Crate XT15R amp.  Too much to pass up - so I didn't...  As always with GuitarCenter, there's 30 days to return it, but I don't foresee doing so.

Rock on...


[Listening to: Tales of a Scorched Earth by Smashing Pumpkins from the album Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness]