Well, it's been a struggle for the last couple weeks, and we're neck & neck down to the wire.  My scheduled 3-year laptop refresh has been pending for at least a quarter now, and tension is high -- who will blink first?  IT or my laptop?

I thought would be no problem to wait a few more weeks until IT got around to me. After all, I've had no complaints for 4 years. But I forget I'm descended directly from 'ol Murphy himself...  After limping along for a while, my system could barely open a command prompt when I fired it up this morning.

In search of...  the last straw

First contender:  The forced upgrade to Office 2007. Ugh. I won't bore you with the details, suffice to say I didn't hate my laptop before that.  I am not alone.

Second contender: The forced Yahoo Messenger upgrade in which I KNOW I told it not to install Yahoo Search, but it did anyway, in every possible nook & cranny.  Even after uninstalling, I keep finding evidence of its lingering presence.  Apparently not much has changed since a year ago.

And the winner is:
My latest bold and brilliant productivity enhancing move, installing Dragon's VR software, Naturally Speaking, is what broke the camel's back, so to speak. v9 is WAAAAAAY better than the last version I used (v4, I think?) I'm still certain it will make many of my writing tasks easier to get started, at least, but apparently it takes a pretty hefty swath of resources to run in the background, and my workflow came to almost a screeching halt.

Long story short, my laptop is in IT now getting all my stuffs transferred to a new one so I can spend all the extra time freed up by Dragon re-installing all my software.

Change is good, though, right...?

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