We're heading down to the wire... Just under 6 hrs left to enter the 2006 iRule. Do You? Contest. Get those iRules entered today for your chance to win.

A few folks have expressed concerns about entering and intellectual property concerns. Here's part of a great discussion I had with one of this year's entrants:

"Just as I thought... our director encourages me to enter.  The process (not necessary winning, but just the process itself) "grows" the technical community.  We all feel it is a good thing."

This really exemplifies the spirit of "community" and DevCentral in general. While winning is a great goal, the contest is all about sharing great ideas that everyone benefits from. The more everyone contributes, the more everyone benefits. The winners and honorable mention rules will be published for all to learn from and serve as examples to expand to address new challenges. This is what "community" is all about and we're thrilled to help it flourish.

Special thanks to this contest entrant - we too share you and your organization's feelings about community and its importance! We're in this together and together we can change the way IT innovates and works to solve problems for the better.

So, what are you waiting for? It's time to get those entries in!

Listening to: "Holes to Heaven" by Jack Johnson from the "Thicker than Water" soundtrack