I received a curious email today promoting an upcoming event sponsored by Dr. Dobb's called the, "Life 2.0 Summit". Initially, I thought it was focused on the vast array of Web 2.0 topics and challenges IT orgs and developers are dealing with these days.

However, I was very mistaken... it's actually an event focused on "Second Life" (SL).


I had to chuckle a bit. But, my laughter subsided quickly when I realized that Dr. Dobb's is actually sponsoring it (as I think particularly highly of Dr. Dobb's). I commend them on taking a crack at this as I can imagine some folks in the management chain challenged this idea

I understand SL. I can completely appreciate the amusement with it. And, I also see the utilitarian aspects of collaborating via SL.

(... although I do snicker with a hint of cynicism when I see things like the SL "Official Guide" to help folks "get up to speed faster in SL"...) 

That said, I'm curious. What do you folks in the community think of SL? Are you a member? What do you like about it? Does it live up to the hype from your perspective?

Post your comments below.