A while back I threw out some invites to the Windows Live Messenger Beta to those who would submit networking related resolutions for the new year.

Well, I think I've got a winner! Jacob Miller over at FurryOmnivore posted this entry:

I actually already finished my new years resolution - it was to build a linux router/hub/server in my closet, but without a case. All of the parts are suspended by fishing line hanging up like t-shirts in my closet. The computer has 6 ethernet cards in it, a dual VGA out 64 MB video card (i had an extra one... lol so pointless seeing as i have no monitor hooked up to it), an Athlon 2100+ processor, 4 hard drives ( 240 GB total ), and a CD burner. Its running the linux build ClarkConnect, and 3 of my dorm computers are hooked up to it - 2 of which are using Stardocks Multiplicity via the hub.

Being interested in how this turned out, I asked Jacob for a photo and he sent me this one. He said that at the time of this picture it's was still missing memory and a power supply but is fully functional now.

Honestly I see absolutely no possible benefit to hanging your server by fishing wire in the closet (a decent case will only set you back $50 or so). But it's, cool none the less...

I wonder what my BIG-IP 6400 would look like strung up in a coat closet. Do you thnk that that would void my warranty B-). Maybe I should tell my Matt over at SeatGuru to stop spending all that money on his co-location facility and just hang his BIG-IPs in his closet at home...

Enjoy your server Jacob (at least until you bump into it and give it an electro-static shock that zaps the CPU and motherboard).