It’s been a good long while since I wrote an installment of Load Balancing for Developers, but you all keep reading them, and they are still my most read blog posts on a monthly basis, so since I have an increased interest in WAN Optimization, and F5 has a great set of WAN Optimization products, I thought I’d tag right onto the end with more information that will help you understand what Application Delivery Controllers ZapNGo!_2(ADCs) are doing for (and to) your code, and how they can help you tweak your application without writing even more code.

If you’re new to the series, it can be found here: Load Balancers For Developers on F5 DevCentral This is number eight in the series, so if you haven’t already read seven, you might check out the link also.

To continue the story, your application Zap-N-Go! Has grown much faster than you had expected, and it is time to set up a redundant data center to insure that your customers are always able to access your mondo-cool application. The solution is out there for you, Application Delivery Controllers with WAN Optimization capabilities turned on.

WAN Optimization is the process of making your internet communications faster. The whole idea is to improve the performance of your application by applying optimizations to the connection, the protocol, and the application. Sometimes application is very specific – like VMWare VMotion, sometimes it is more generic, like CIFS or HTTP. There are multiple steps to get there, but it all starts in one place… Your application places information on the wire, or requests information from a remote location, and you need it to be snappy in responding.

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