When I started a F5 back in `98 things were a lot different than they are today, and then again things were a lot alike. We were on the cusp of the dotcom frenzy with every idea under the sun getting venture money for their e-commerce presence. F5 was an early innovator in helping those companies make their online presence highly available to their customers. The key was load balancing ensuring high availability.

To this day, high availability is a key feature in our products with security being the new frontier that's driving the products.

What got me thinking of all this was my commute into the office in Seattle yesterday. It was a typical gloomy, rainy Seattle day and traffic was horrible. My typical commute of 40 minutes took close to and hour and 15!

So to the topic, why doesn't a city the size of Seattle have a Load Balancing for it's traffic problems that actually works? It can't be that difficult a problem to solve. Think about it: the problems with networking and traffic bottlenecks are very similar. Maybe the transit deparment needs to get their hands on a few of our products and get a new routing system in place.

  • BIG-IP controlling the on/off-ramps and traffic lights.
  • FirePass allowing only authorized personnel on/off the freeways
  • TrafficShield allowing only valid vehicles into the HOV lanes.

The icing on the cake would be figuring out a way to use Cookie Persistence to get me to work faster! Ahh, I can see new partnerships arising: F5 + Starbucks - Coffee Persistence; F5 + Krispy Kreme - Cruller Persistence; B-). Who knows what the next 6 years will bring...


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