If you've been reading the forums or posting questions, you've probably noticed much activity here at DevCentral. Thanks, everyone, for your interest - and - for your participation in the DevCentral Community. I believe we're building something very powerful that will change the way applications work and interact with the underlying network they rely upon.

To meet the increased interest and traffic at DevCentral, we've opened a new position that will be dedicated to working with iRules and iControl, building more samples, contributing to the forum, and some other cool things we can't talk about just yet. If you're interested and think you've got the goods, let us know - we'd like to learn more. It's a great opportunity to play an key role in a rapidly growing community and join a leading technology company.

Want to learn more? Simply visit http://app.rezkeeper.com/RezLogic/user/jobs/jobSummary.asp?Company=F5&Color=white# and look for “Developer Relations Software Engineer” (#0598) job listing to learn more.