Here it is, 3:45 PM, the day before vacation, and I have to admit I'm feeling pretty good. 

Things here at DC headquarters have been busy as heck and I'm looking forward to the time to relax and recoup. I have to say though, I'm going to miss being here even for the week I'll be gone. It's nice to have a finger on the pulse and be on a team that really gets to sit at the tip of the spear, as it were, when talking about what's going on with our users and some of the coolest technologies out there (namely iControl, iRules, etc.). It's not that I won't enjoy relaxing, it's just that, as cliche as it may sound, I really do dig this stuff, so stepping away from it is half relaxation and half giving up a pastime.

All that aside, I did want to at least mention that I'll be out. I'll be coming back in about a week or so, so keep your eye out for the catch-up flood of posts, blogs and hopefully docs when I get back. My awesome team-mates are helping to pick up the slack while I'm out so hopefully you won't miss any of your regularly scheduled programming due to my absence.

Anyway, have a good one, code hard, and I'll see you in a few.