There are a bunch of great things going on over the next month or so.

This week we have our annual sales conference going on in Palm Springs, California.  This year we have as many people attending the sales conference as we had in the whole company just a few years ago!

On Wednesday of this week we have our quarterly earnings call. We did our Q4 call last year in Vancouver, BC during the sales conference.  I'm always paranoid that we will have an equipment failure of some sort during the call when we do it from a new location.

Next week we are hosting our investor conference in New York City.  It's a day that allows us to communicate our plans, what we think about the market and our product roadmaps with the analysts that follow F5.  I'm especially anxious for the analysts to hear more about Acopia (we're going to be referring to it as our Data Solutions Team) and how it fits in to our overall strategy.

Following that we have partner conferences in Rome and Tokyo where our reseller partners get together with us to hear the latest and greatest.  We also get a great opportunity to hear what is going on from their perspective at these events.  Not long after these two we also have a conference for our APAC partners in Kuala Lumpur.

The exec team at F5 makes a point of spending time in the field with our team.  Between now and Christmas we'll be really practicing what we preach.