For the past 3 years people at F5 have participated in "The Commute Challenge" that is organized by Seattle's Cascade Bicycle Club.  When people accept the challenge, they agree to ride their bike to work at least 5 days during the month of May.  It's a great way to get people out on their bikes for some exercise and save a little gas while they're at it.

Some of the highlights for us this year are:

147 F5ers signed up
21,443 miles ridden (which equates to roughly 21,443 fewer pounds of carbon dioxide generated)
1,354 days ridden
114 people rode 5 or more days during May
F5 ranked 7th for # of days ridden out of all Seattle organizations
F5 ranked 8th for # of miles ridden out of all Seattle organizations

A hearty congratulations go out to everyone who participated!