Hey all, shameless bit of self-aggrandizement here...

I can't find the shameless self-aggrandizement tag in our tags list though, so I'll mark it as development. ;-)

Dr. Dobbs Journal has run my article on programming in kSOAP2. This article has more info and compliments the Tech Tip here on DevCentral entitled The Minimum Steps to use KSOAP. If you're a mobile device developer, these two articles will help you get a jump start on using kSOAP to SOAP-enable your applications.

Yeah, I'm a little bit pumped. Even when I worked for CMP - the company that owns Dr. Dobbs - I couldn't get first publication there, though they did re-print a couple of my Network Computing articles. So this is a first for me, in a publication I 'grew up'  with.

The progenitor of both of these articles was the Blackberry iControl Application lab that lets you monitor your BIG-IP from just about anywhere. Check it out if you haven't yet.