Whew! It's been a whirlwind of a couple weeks.  Between the annual F5 sales conference, where Joe and I presented to a bunch of awesome F5 techies, followed immediately by a very cool trip to present with the famed Lori at the SD Best Practices event in Boston, I've barely had time to do laundry, sleep in my own bed and feed my puppy. It's good to be back, but what cool stuff I got to see/hear/talk about!

The Software Development Best Practices (SDBP) conference was hawesome. It's great to be around so many people that get "it" and share the same geeked out passion for development, computing and cool technology that I do. While there I not only got to have several awesome conversations while hanging out in the F5 booth on site, but also got to give a fun Technical Session with Lori (which she mentioned before we left) which I think went over pretty well. It was F5's first time at this conference but hopefully not our last, as I think the audience is a great one to get in front of when talking about the amazing things that our gear can do to help extend the application. Whether it's via standard LTM features, iControl or iRules, it's almost always a killer story.

One of the many stories we told when talking about things we can do for the application was the Joyent / Bumpersticker application story. For those of you that haven't heard it yet, I highly recommend checking it out. We've got some pretty detailed info in the interview that Joe and I did with Jason, their CTO, which you can check out here. The short version is that Joyent scaled Bumpersticker app from Linkedin to over a billion pageviews a month, running on Ruby on Rails, and they couldn't have done it without F5 and iRules. How cool is that?!?

They did this via a combination of intelligent caching and a smattering of iRules that garnered an 80% reduction in application load (80%!!11), allowing them to get way more bang for their processing buck. This, along with some other cool conversations I had regarding caching and some of the things we can do with it, led me to put together a tech tip that begins to delve into the world of caching and iRules on the LTM. More detail will follow I'm sure, but this starts the journey at least.

That's all for now, more later as always.

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