A recent email thread at work has brought back memories of my teenage years back in Tucson, AZ. I was big into music in high school and had quite a big wide range of tastes. I studied classical and jazz guitar from grade school through college, mainly just for fun and something to pass the time away. I listened to pretty much anything outside of Country (I never could get into that) and have great memories of all the concerts I went to (Rush, Ozzy, Elton John, Quiet Riot, Deep Purple, Van Halen, etc) but there are a few songs that still stick in my head as ones that you "must have" in your album collection.

I think my #1 song that brings back the most vivid memories for me is Crazy Train by Ozzy. On my Senior trip in high-school we took the train from Nogales Arizona to Mazatlan Mexico - 18 hours of non-stop drinking and crazyness. I don't remember much of that trip but the one thing that I remember is listening to that song on the train and how at least 50 run-throughs never got tiring.

What songs do you feel are the "keepers" in your collection?