F5 has been working with SharePoint since SharePoint Portal Server 2003, developing a flexible application delivery network for SharePoint deployments that enables F5 to be the strategic point of control when architecting SharePoint for high availability, security and performance.

F5's deployment guides and associated iApp templates take the results of our testing and collaboration with Microsoft and turn it into an easily reproducible, optimized configuration that takes the guesswork out of deploying the BIG-IP system. This enables you to deploy and control functionality like single sign on, secure remote access, intelligent load balancing, and advanced health monitoring, on one device, as a single application service. The template takes only minutes to complete, and produces an accurate, SharePoint-optimized F5 configuration, saving weeks or even months of time during the deployment cycle.



For more information on configuring F5 for SharePoint, see https://devcentral.f5.com/codeshare/microsoft-sharepoint-2013-2010-iapp-template.

See https://f5.com/solutions/deployment-guides to find the appropriate deployment guide for quickly and accurately configuring the BIG-IP system for Microsoft SharePoint. If you have any feedback on these or other F5 guides or iApp templates, leave it in the comment section below or email us at solutionsfeedback@f5.com. We use your feedback to help shape our new iApps and deployment guides.