Support for Legacy Methods

In version 9.0 of the interfaces, we've included support for the methods we found to be the most utilized by client applications. We've included the following methods that are 100% compatible with version 4.5 built applications:

  • ITCMLocalLB::Node
    • get_dynamic_ratio
    • get_list
    • get_node_address_availability
    • get_node_address_limits
    • get_node_address_states
    • get_node_address_statistics
    • reset_node_address_statistics
    • set_dynamic_ratio
    • set_node_address_availability
    • set_node_address_limits
    • set_node_address_states
  • ITCMLocalLB::Pool
    • add_members
    • create
    • delete_members
    • delete_pool
    • get_lb_method
    • get_list
    • get_member_active_states
    • get_member_list
    • get_member_statistics
    • get_pool_statistics
    • get_statistics
    • reset_statistics
    • set_lb_method
  • ITCMSystem::ConfigSync
    • delete_configuration
    • download_configuration
    • download_file
    • get_configuration_list
    • install_configuration
    • rollback_configuration
    • save_configuration
    • synchronize_configuration
    • upload_configuration
    • upload_file
  • ITCMSystem::SystemInfo
    • get_product_info
    • get_system_id
    • get_system_info
    • get_time
    • get_time_zone

These methods will be fully supported as deprecated methods and will live for 1 year after the release of BIG-IP v9.0 (per the standard iControl deprecation policy).


Applications utilizing these methods will continue to work but will need to be migrated before the support period for the legacy method expires.

Migration Code Analyzer

Applications utilizing other methods not included in list of legacy methods stated above, will need to be modified to utilize the version 9.0 methods. We've created an online tool to help with the burden of migrating the client applications. Hosted on, the Migration Code Analyzer will provide a way for developers to post code for analysis.

The source analyzer will take the code and look for patterns matching 4.x method signatures. After the report is run, a report will be produced that lists all posible migration issues in the code provided. The line number, content of the source line, and the method name will be displayed along with all possible matches and links to side-by-side viewing of the respective interface documentation pages.



Developer Assistance

DevCentral Forums will continue to be a way for iControl developers to get direct contact with our internal development staff as well as other developers building iControl solutions. Technical support is also available via your normal F5 support channel.