MIX06 is coming. Scoble recently threw up a call-out for those who wanted to meetup next week at the conference. I tried out the Mix Meeting Place that he mentioned we use, but it wasn't very easy to use.

I later got a message from Dave Verwer from Link HR Systems telling me he was having the same problem. Instead of sitting on it, like I did..., he setup a wiki to help out with some of the issues in the main meeting site. If you are attending, you might want to check it out.

See you there!

*Update : For those interested in meeting up, either comment here (or on the above link) and we'll try to schedule something. Otherwise, you can keep an eye out for me. I'll likely either be in the bar or at the blackjack table. Anyone up for getting a poker game (low stakes) going? Maybe we can hijack a table in the Venetian if we get enough players...


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