Ok, I'm a day late. It's really day three, but I'll take a shot at remembering what went on yesterday.

The opening keynote was by Joe Belfiore, the VP of the eHome group. Basically everything Media - XBox, Media Center, ... His first topic was "Beyond the Browser". Basically covering how consumption of media is moving well beyond the browser. In the home via TV and Media Enabled PCS and on the road through Cell Phones, PDAs and Portable devices like the recently announced Ultra-Mobile PC (aka Origami). He moved on to richer client apps that will be made super easy by the WinFX framework. He then moved on to the Office product line with some demos of integrating external information via RSS feeds into Excel, Outlook and the upcoming Vista Sidebar. Darin Brown, the President of Avenue A/Razorfish then took the stage to talk about how traditional advertising is going to have to evolve to survive. With the popularity of the DVR, TV ads are becoming less and less effective and a move to the web will be essential for those who used to rely on that media.

I then sat in the "Beyond the Banner" panel session with Yahoo, Microsoft, Jenstar, New York Times, Interpublic Group, and Avenue A/Razorfish talked about the future of advertising on the web and how with the new richer content available, ads will be more infused into the user experience. I was getting a bit hungry for lunch at this point so I kind of zoned out as most of the topics were covered in brief in the keynote.

At 1:30, Dan and I went to the "Today's Identity Crisis and the Identity Metasystem". The panel consisted of Hilary Ward from Citigroup, Kim Cameron from Microsoft, Johannes Ernst from Netmesh, Paul Trevithick from Social Physics, and Stefan Brands from Credentica. The goal here was to go over the new InfoCard technologies and how Passport won't work and a new system is needed in identity management.

The 3:00 session was titled "The Digital Home" and I walked out after 20 minutes as the presentation was almost identical to the topics covered in the keynote.

The last one of the day was "Making Your Site Work with IE7 Security" and was led by Rob Franco, the Lead Program Manager of IE. This was basically a demo of the new security features in IE. The only part I really saw regarding "making your site work" was to make sure if you are using SSL, get one of their enhanced uber-secure certificates.

Dan and I then went on a hunt for Dinner and ended up at The Fix Restaurant and Bar in The Bellagio Hotel. Great Shellfish platter! We then headed back to the The Venetian and I plopped down $90 on the blackjack tables. I dropped down to $15 and crawled my way back to $225 when I decided to call it quits. I figured, that covered my ticket to the previous nights Blue Man Group show.

Whew, one more day to go...