The only thing worse for Krispy Kreme than having to restate their 2004 earnings due to accounting shenanigans is endure the litany of bad headlines that accompany the stories about yesterday's announcement. "Fresh woes batter Krispy Kreme", "Investors left in a glaze with Krispy Kreme restatement", "Less dough at Krispy Kreme" and "Krispy Kreme finds itself in a sticky mess". Maybe there's one thing that could be worse...being forced to consume a quantity of liquified doughnut drink equal to the value of the earnings restatement.

We live in an environment where executives are briefed not only on what they are allowed to say or not say publicly but also to be aware of what body language they are using when saying something. Playing the timing games with shipments and returns that were cited in the Krispy Kreme case are certainly way, way out of bounds and should not be tolerated.

Having F5 as our company name is just one more reason to always be ethical...I never want to taste liquid doughnuts.