What does a 2-year old and cloud-based applications have in common?

The Toddler 2010

The Toddler has recently decided that he can navigate the stairs by himself. Insists on it, in fact. That’s a bit nerve-wracking, especially when he decides that 2:30am is a good time to get up, have a snack, and recreate a Transformers battle in the family room.

It’s worse when you’re asleep and don’t know about it.

Oh eventually you hear him and you get up and try to convince him it’s time for sleep (see? all the grown ups are doing it) but it takes a while before he finally agrees and you can climb back into bed yourself.

Mobility. It’s a double-edged sword that can bite not only parents of Toddlers testing out their newly discovered independence but the operators and administrators trying to deal with applications that, thanks to virtualization, have also discovered they have wings – and they want to use them.