In the last few months, I've been focused on Microsoft Technologies such as PowerShell, Windows Mobile, MOM, and most recently the iControl Assembly written in C# with Microsoft VisualStudio. 

I've never been a professional Java developer so I never really got into extending the network in the java arena.  Sure, I wrote a bunch of java samples to include with the iControl SDK, but those were nothing more than a bunch of command line scripts.  Luckily for all of you, we now have Don on our team and he has started on some pretty cool Java related projects.

So, I got to thinking... "Don is going on all these crazy directions with Java (Eclipse integration, Blackberry apps, etc).  How can I do something that is REALLY simple that just LOOKS difficult?  Then I can get something out before him and steal all his glory (ominous voice belts out: HA HA HA HA)."

Well, I think I've done it.  The iControl Assembly in .NET has had such wonderful feedback, I decided to whip out a parallel version for those caffeinated folks out there. 

It really was actually so easy to do, I'm surprised I didn't do it sooner (about 3 hours).  I just converted the iControl WSDL into sources with WSDL4J, created two new classes( and, compiled everything, and jar'd it all up.  No more compiling WSDL, allocating BindingStubs, and messing with SSL Trust Providers.  It's all done for you now.  Just add the new iControl.jar to your Java project, allocate an iControl.Interfaces object, initialize it, and off you go.

Check out the updated iControl Assembly Labs Project for an overview and links to download the bits.