Wow, I was surprised at the number of people who were interested in my multi-core post. It's spawned a whole lot of email plus the comments on the post itself (note - I prefer comments on the blog post, then others can see your generally good commentary).

In response, let's talk some more about it!

First off is the link sent to me about Bjarn Strostroup discussing the new C++ standard (C++0x) slated for vote in 2009. Sounds like great fun to me, we'll see how timely it is though since this is a problem today.

Next up is the comment from Ilya at Cilk Arts. Her comment prodded me to go out and look, since I hadn't heard of Cilk Arts before - very cool stuff, if you haven't seen it and you do C++, check it out. Note that the video about quicksort is just a tiny bit disingenuous - quicksort screams to be parsed out to multiple CPUs. Of course, it's marketing material, so they picked the best possible use-case, so don't judge them too harshly for it. Just don't expect that all your applications will see that kind of performance improvement.

Ilya mentioned several other vendors, and while it's a stretch to say I need to research them for my job, you all should care because it affects the data center, so I'm going to use that excuse to go research it :-). So there will be a part three in this series, perhaps more.

Meanwhile, keep doing what you do - giving your business the best systems you can with the budget and constraints you have - and I'll try to get you advanced info on when/how the multi-core conundrum will be solved.


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