So InformationWeek (and everyone else) is reporting that MS has made some significant Open Source moves today, including cash to the Apache Foundation and a contribution to ADOdb. For me, this was the first I had heard of increased MS support for PHP. It's about time, but probably too late. Might be a good step to grab people attracted to newer technology, but I would argue that if you decide to deploy PHP to your web servers it is because you already have Linux powering those web servers.

This takes me back to the days when VS 1.0 came out and I was one of the first to get training. The instructor said "we wanted to do this for years, compete directly with software development people, but the powers that be always said "we are an Operating Systems company, not a tools company". In the next few years they became a tools company, offering products that were good enough to compete and marketing that made them hits. I wonder if they're not drifting a bit back toward their core focus. For a while when I was a writer MS had the view that selling tools sold the platform, which sold operating systems, but there's such a huge market out there that they were missing with that mentality - because the platform implies exclusivity of tools and app servers - that someone might have finally figured it out.

I think it would be grand if they had, but MS has made quite a few hesitant steps and mis-steps of late, so I'll wait and see. I expect them to do what they think is best for their organization, it is what they have traditionally done (note that I didn't say best for their customer, they fought Open Source when they should have been working on interoperability), and it will take a while to see if this is viewed as "best for the organization".

Until then, I like my PHP and ruby, and lots of other stuff, running on *NIX boxes.


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