There is an excellent article over on SD Times about multi-core programming and virtualization that delves into the approaches that application developers can consider to take advantage of multiple core CPUs.  InteliCoreFor those that missed it, I wrote a bit about this not so long ago. I was looking at multi-core from the perspective of how application developers could take advantage of the increased processing power, and why it is that few if any enterprises will bother.

But Mr. Handy is approaching the problem from the perspective of “should you bother” with Virtualization becoming so commonplace, and then talks about the different ways to tackle the problem.

I for one think Virtualization is the perfect solution if your app – like a web app for example – can use virtualization to circumvent multi-core programming.

And that might just require some explanation, coming from a bare-metal developer who grew up (or at least pretended to) and became a Technical Marketing Manager.

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